WILPF Magazine Features DQP

“Peace and Freedom” the semi-annual publication of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, is featuring the Drones Quilt Project on the cover of the Fall/Winter 2013 edition.  We are thrilled to be recognized by WILPF, and welcome its members to participate in the the Drones Quilt Project by making quilt blocks and/or by hosting the Drones Quilt Project exhibit in their towns.

WILPFcover 1

Drones Summit

The Drones Quilt Project will be featured as part of the upcoming Drones Summit in Washington DC. http://www.codepinkalert.org/article.php?id=6457
I will be presenting a workshop on the project and participants will be making blocks to be incorporated into the fifth and sixth Drones Quilts. We still need more blocks! Please see the “How to make a block” page on this website for details.

We need more quilt blocks!

Hello friends,

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has just released the names of almost 300 victims of combat drones through their “Naming the Dead” project.  That means that we need a lot more quilt blocks to be made so that we can honor and memorialize these victims who have been brutally murdered by our government.

Please help me spread the word!  Making the blocks can be a wonderful group project for children, young people and adults.  And I want to remind you that you definitely don’t have to know how to quilt or sew to make a block.  You can use fabric paint or markers, glue on decorations, and use your imagination and creativity to make your block.

Please contact me at leahbolger@comcast.net to receive the name of a drone victim for your block.  Instructions for making the blocks can be found on this website.

In peace and solidarity,


Drones Quilt #1

This is the first of four Drones Quilts that have been completed.  Each quilt is made of 36 blocks which have been sent to me from all over the U.S. and even two blocks from a mother and daughter in France.  You can see all four quilts on the page “The Exhibit on Tour.”


The Drones Quilt Project Exhibit consists of the four quilts, plus four large information panels, and a resource/take action handout.  The first showing of the full exhibit was just completed at the Veterans For Peace convention in Madison, Wisconsin.  I received many positive comments about the project.  People were impressed by the love and caring that were evident in the blocks.

The idea is for this to be an ongoing project.  We need more quilt blocks to complete the fifth quilt, and when it is finished, we will start on the sixth.  The United States continues to kill innocent people with drones, and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism is working hard to identify the unnamed victims.  As more names become known we will continue to memorialize those lives through the Drones Quilt Project.

Please help support this project by making a quilt block, hosting the exhibit, making a financial contribution or forwarding information about the project to your friends, family and other anti-drone activists.

Drones Quilt Project

Welcome to the website for the U.S. Drones Quilt Project.  The Drones Quilt Project is a way to memorialize the victims of U.S. combat drones, and to educate and inform the public.

The US Drones Quilt project is a work of collective art designed to  remind us that often the victims of drone attacks are people like us who are afraid, alone and innocent.

Each square of the quilt is made by someone like you who  puts their name and then the name of a civilian victim on a square of fabric. These are then sewn together to create a quilt panel that can be used in many ways:

  • to raise awareness,
  • for political advocacy,
  • to connect us deeply to the victims of drone warfare and their families,
  • to convert pain into beautiful, activist art.

Drones are remotely detonated weapons.  They can be used in the Middle East, for example, but detonated by someone in Nebraska. They reduce human beings to dots on a screen, tiny blobs of light in the control room of an army base. The quilt restores humanity to those killed or maimed and reminds people that for every single victim of a drone there was a real person with loves, desires and a life.