We need more quilt blocks!

Hello friends,

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has just released the names of almost 300 victims of combat drones through their “Naming the Dead” project.  That means that we need a lot more quilt blocks to be made so that we can honor and memorialize these victims who have been brutally murdered by our government.

Please help me spread the word!  Making the blocks can be a wonderful group project for children, young people and adults.  And I want to remind you that you definitely don’t have to know how to quilt or sew to make a block.  You can use fabric paint or markers, glue on decorations, and use your imagination and creativity to make your block.

Please contact me at leahbolger@comcast.net to receive the name of a drone victim for your block.  Instructions for making the blocks can be found on this website.

In peace and solidarity,



2 thoughts on “We need more quilt blocks!

  1. Hello Cynthia,
    Thanks so much for asking about the need for more quilt blocks. It takes 36 blocks to make a quilt, and we have made four quilts now, so that covers 144 names. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has identified several hundred more names, so we need more blocks to be made in honor of those victims. There is a tab on the website called “How to Make a Block” which contains the details on size, fabric, and where to send the completed blocks. If you are interested in making a block(s), please contact me at leahbolger@comcast.net and I will send you the name(s).

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