DQP Rejected by Intrepid Museum

Last July the Drones Quilt Project was contacted by the Aviation Curator of the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space museum expressing interest in exhibiting the DQP as part of their 2017 exhibit on drones. (See post from 4 Oct 16 on this site). He said that the Intrepid Museum was “endeavoring to show both sides of the armed drone controversy as equally as possible.” He went on to add that they felt “…that the power of the quilt project is exactly what they required to give this debate a level argument.”
However, in mid-March, 2017, the project was notified that the quilts would not be displayed after all, because there was no room for them in the museum’s drone exhibit.

It extremely disappointing that the museum has decided not to include the DQP.  The exhibit will be seen by thousands of people, and now those people may never know about the illegal and immoral use of combat drones. This was a one of a kind opportunity to expose the public to another side—one that our government will never acknowledge. Hellfire missiles launched from combat drones are responsible for the murders of thousands of people.

It is difficult to believe that the decision to reject the project was truly based on a lack of space, and not because the exhibit is being sponsored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), an aerospace lobbying body whose corporate supporters include a number of firms involved in U.S. weaponized drone systems production, including Honeywell International, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Company and the Boeing Company.   John R. Treichler, president of the IEEE Foundation board, is the president of the Raytheon Applied Signal Technology business unit. https://www.ieeefoundation.org/about/board/biographies

3 thoughts on “DQP Rejected by Intrepid Museum

  1. Reblogged this on Veterans For Peace, Linus Pauling Chapter and commented:
    The Intrepid is just another propaganda tool if the M-I-C. Any attempt to present both sides of a military issue is simply a deceptive ploy to suggest the pentagon and its contractors are putting the best interests of the American people first. They are not. Profit margin and number of units sold (bought with our taxes) are all that matter to these people. Period.

    • [“Intrepid” as defined by American Heritage Dictionary, 4th ed, “resolutely courageous, fearless”] There is nothing intrepid about the Intrepid Museum or about Trump and his ilk [cowards and bullies all: wealthy, greedy, corrupt, ignorant, xenophobic, corporatist, egotistical fascists all; Trump being the tyrant, impeachable for committing High Treason against the US.] The military-industrial complex accommodates this oligarchy’s need to wage unprovoked war by providing unlimited weaponized drones for use against pre-determined opponents who have primitive or insufficient, ineffective arms, as well as something the US covets, and who are repeatedly demonized, thus quickly warranting mass murder, which quickly ensues. Tip: it’s these opponents, these arbitrary enemies, who are necessarily intrepid, not the US terrorists who now control the government, which they have long been determined to destroy! POWER to the PEOPLE

  2. Couldn’t comment-don’t have a URL

    It’s a damn shame-

    There is no “Them” There’s only “Us” Shanti, Leeza


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